Leadership Development Series:

Unlocking the CORE of Your Leadership

Our Leadership Development Programs can help leaders at all levels to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Participate in ONE or ALL of these opportunities to unlock the CORE of your leadership!

Remaining Leadership Series Sessions:

ESSENTIAL COMMUNICATION & COACHING SKILLS FOR LEADERS - $125.00 Friday, October 4th | 8:30 to 11:30am

  • Learn and practice how to give and receive feedback (positive as well as feedback for improvement)
  • Understand and practice listening with empathy 
  • Discover how to be a better coach and to implement coaching into your leadership style 
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EMPLOYMENT LAW/PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT & IMPROVEMENT - $150.00 Thursday, October 17th | 8:30 to 11:30am

  • Understand the differences and importance of management and leadership
  • Discuss what ineffective leadership looks like
  • Review and discuss the 12 traits of great leaders
  • Assess where you can further grow and develop 
  • Understand the various components of performance management and improvement 
  • Understand how to effectively establish a culture of accountability 
  • Know when it's appropriate to counsel employees and utilize disciplinary action
  • Learn how to document appropriately 
  • Know how to avoid and address performance problems  

Need more information before you're ready to register? Can't make these sessions, but interested in future learning and development opportunities through The Resource? email events@theresource.com

 We have taken our 40 years of learning, along with our CORE Assessment to build a strong team that will assist both businesses and individuals. Many dynamic organizations require more than traditional placement services; we’ve identified a critical need for development and support for employees. The most successful businesses recognize that the greatest organization growth is tied directly to the individual development of their employees.  

 The Resource and Trevero stand ready to support you in developing your employees into dynamic leaders, effective communicators, and employees who are empowered & dedicated to implement the visions and goals of your organization.