Looking for the right job? We're here to help.

At The Resource, we put people first. And finding the right job for you is our priority.

We love what we do. Our passion is to serve others and our community, whether by finding people jobs or coaching them into better careers. It is important for us to do the right thing, every time and we work to match you with the job that best fits your needs. To do so, we have jobs that offer a variety of hiring arrangements:

  • Temporary
  • Temp-to-permanent
  • Permanent Placement

Why work with an Staffing Agency?

Basically, we're your personal job concierge - dedicated to finding you the right job that fits your specific needs, using our 30 plus years of experience in the business of getting people hired! 

  • We help candidates navigate the often stressful experience of applying for jobs.
  • We offer practical and applicable advice to candidates helping them put their best foot forward when applying for positions.
  • We bridge the gap beween employers and candidates, guiding you through the application process and providing valuable feedback. 
  • We create opportunities for you. While we can't promise everyone a job, we can work to market you to prospective employers and help build a case for why you're the right one for the job!

What types of jobs do we have?

Glad you asked! We offer a wide variety of jobs and hiring arrangements ensuring that wherever you are in your career, we have a solution that fits you. Whether you're looking for part time, full time, seasonal or flex, we can help!

Industrial Positions

We have many Industrial and Manufacturing positions available.

Clerical Positions

Learn how to create powerful content that will launch engagment through the roof.

Permanent Placement

Looking for a salaried, permanent position? We can help connect you to the right job.

Passive Job Seeker Tools

Not quite ready to apply? Sign up for alerts to let you know when a new job posts!